Authentic mastic gum from Chios, Greece.

Discover the ancient secret from the Greek island of Chios. Our premium mastic gum lets you vigorously workout your jaw muscles anytime, anywhere.

Our passion

I started Greco Gum out of necessity. After having chewed mastic gum for over a year, I had grown frustrated as a consumer.

For North Americans, mastic gum was hard to come by. Delivery times and shipping fees were excessive, and there were quality consistency issues from the sellers.

I wanted to treat the gum with the kind of respect and care that it deserves. I started sampling product from mastic gum producers all over Chios until I found the best gum on the market. And here we are now.

Welcome to the Greco Gum family.




Our story

Our mastic gum is produced on the Greek island of Chios, where mastic gum has been produced for millennia. We have partnered with local producers to create a 100% natural, completely organic product to make widely available in North America.

If you’ve used other mastic gum before, try Greco Gum—the difference in quality is palpable.